This research involves multiple methods and approaches that may be represented visually as five concentric or overlapping circles. Together these circles comprise the methodology and conceptual framework for this study. The five components and how they each guide and contribute toward the research approach and process may be understood as follows:

  1. Ally framework: how a non-Indigenous ally shows up for the GCWP-IH team to undertake this work
  2. Critical paradigm: how the GCWP-IH team understands knowledge production
  3. Anti-colonial approach: how the GCWP-IH team approaches this study
  4. Collaborative research: how a non-Indigenous ally works within the GCWP-IH team on this study
  5. Institutional Ethnography: chosen research methodology for this research

Data will be collected from a cross section of executives, management, clinicians and hospital support staff at WCH, and the data analysis process will be informed by a Community Based Participatory Action Research approach. Findings should be ready for dissemination in Fall 2023.