Covid-19 Initiatives


Adapted From Covid Indigenous Wellbeing Model

Text Version Of 4D Model

North: Handwashing, Cleaning and Disinfecting

Nurturing community partnerships and wellness practices (Love)

East: Fostering Spiritual and Cultural Practices at Home

Asking for help – having a helper (Humility)

South: Adapting to Changing Health Protocols, Staying Home When Unwell and Staying Connected

Dreaming, imagining and activating (Bravery)

West: Susceptibility, Symptoms, and Treatment

Original instructions: Protect and care for our most vulnerable; all our relations, always at the heart centre (Respect)

North: Preserving Spiritual Connections

Capacity building in relationship to Land (Respect)

East: Ceremony, Traditional Teachings, and Medicines

4 Rs of Accountability Rooted in Relationships (Humility): Respect, Relevance, Responsibility, Reciprocity

South: Tending to the Family Fire

Nurturing safety through education and healthy intergenerational collaborations and practices (Honour)

West: Wholistic and Healthy Practices of Highlighting sophistication of Indigenous epistemology in medical education

Indigenous sciences, research practices and policy development. Stories rooted in place, land, biomedical, ethnobotanical, ethics, environment and ceremony (Wisdom)

North: Nurturing, Wellbeing, Safety and Security

Lighting the 8th fire, strengths-based and requires reflexivity (Bravery)

East: Four Stages of Life Care; (Beginning with) Prenatal and Child Care

Compassionate care rooted in community values (Love)

South: Self, Family and Community Care

Celebrating diversity of individuals, families, communities and nations; including gender, sexuality, POC and global communities (Bravery)

West: Protecting our Elders and Our Youth

Uplift and facilitate knowledge translation and supporting opportunities for multigenerational learning (Honour)

North: Noticing What is Nourishing

Building upon inclusive spaces through trauma-informed care and culturally-safe spaces (Love)

East: Tolerating Uncertainty

Understanding the social determinants of health as they apply to First Nations, Inuit and Métis, contributing to a sense of Hope, Belonging, Purpose and Meaning

South: Managing Conflicting Worldviews

”Truth before reconciliation” and advocacy for systemically excluded, targeted and marginalized groups (Truth)

West: Assessment, Risks, and Prevention

Advance Indigenous-led pathways (modern and traditional) and approaches in health promotion, clinical, and virtual care programs while supporting and uplifting Indigenous led health and wellness initiatives