Seeds of Change Gallery

This gallery is a series of artworks, all created by Indigenous women and 2 Spirits, with a thematic focus on healing. Selected and curated by Sara Roque and Elwood Jimmy, these pieces have been installed throughout the Women’s College Hospital. This initiative works towards creating a welcoming environment for Indigenous patients, their families, staff and students when they enter and move through the hospital.

These artworks are intended to emphasize the diversity, complexity and importance of Indigenous expression, and the power of art as medicine.

  • Sharing BioEthics

    Lisa Boivin

  • Own your Cervix

    Vanessa Dion Fletcher

  • Kippered Snacks

    Lisa Myers

  • Healing Moon

    Richael Laking

  • Birch Basket

    Karen Cumberland

  • Let the Sky Shake

    Lisa Boivin

  • Caduceus

    Meryl McMaster

  • Wind Play Variation 1

    Meryl McMaster

  • Looking for Medicine

    Sherry Ferrell Racette

  • Traintracks

    Lisa Myers

  • North Shore Line

    Bonnie Devine

  • We Had the Entire Day to Ourselves

    Lisa Boivin