Recognizing the need for greater diversity within health research, the Women’s College Hospital Foundation established the Emily Stowe Society in 2020 to create and fund a scholars’ program. The Emily Stowe Society was named in honour of Dr. Emily Stowe, Canada’s first woman doctor. Dr. Stowe aided in establishing Woman’s Medical College in 1883, Toronto’s first medical school for women. It is through the tremendous generosity of this unique donor community – supporters committed to breaking down barriers for those underrepresented in the health sciences – that the Emily Stowe Scholars Program (ESSP) students and fellows are supported. The mission of the Emily Stowe Scholar Program is to engage, retain and support the advancement of diverse persons by developing pathways that respect diverse experiences, knowledge systems and skillsets from early learning throughout their career trajectories.

Emily Simmonds (Research Manager) continues to provide guidance and recommendations about the structure of the Emily Stowe Scholarship program to foster community engagement and enable the participation of First Nation, Inuit, and Metis learners across the GTA. All learners who self-identify as Indigenous are welcome to use the GCWP-IH space regardless of their placement.